Dr. Anette Violet offers services for clients from the free market and the non-profit sector. The width ranges from global clients through to medium scale organisations and small enterprises.

Classic training for groups of up to 12 participants, train the trainer and coaching.
Thereby a pragmatic training concept is implemented, which is oriented on the needs of clients and participants. Topics for training include Leadership, Team Development, Conflict Solution, Communication, as well as intercultural themes. A special, innovative feature is the “ … and Action! – Filmworkshop” ©, where management employees turn into film directors and develop their team and leadership skills.

Surveys and evaluations within the fields Education & Culture, as well as Development Collaboration.
The basis of all evaluations is a participatory approach: The methodical expertise of the evaluators is combined with the know-how of those being evaluated. Different methods for data capture are applied, such as analysis of documents, questionnaires and interviews. Normally the DAC criteria relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability are considered; as a matter of course, alternative forms of report are also deployed.